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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Church located? 

A: All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Parish & Cultural Centre is located in St. Paul, Alberta at 5601-51 Street.
See a map here.
Q: How do I become a member in the Church? 
A: Our Parish is always open to new members - Please feel free to 'show-up' anytime! Any of our board members would be pleased to discuss official membership with you during the fellowship that follows the Liturgy.

Q: What languages are the services in?
A: Most of the time Services are done in a combination of English and Ukrainian.
Q: Is there English in the services? 

A:  Both Ukrainian and English are used. The Sermon is always given in English.

Q: Do you have Sunday School?

A:  A Sunday School program is offered in conjunction with the Church service on the first Sunday of each month.

Q: Are non-Ukrainians welcome? 

A: Absolutely! We welcome and encourage everyone to come and worship with us. Portions of the Divine Liturgy are offered in English in order for everyone attending to feel a spritual connection with God. Most of our Prayer books are bilingual so that you can follow along during regardless of the language being spoken.
Q: Is it possible to meet with the Priest? 

A: Please contact Fr. Peter to inquire about meetings and visitations.
Q: Are children welcome in Church? 

A: We encourage children to attend our services. Children of all ages are more than welcome in Church during the entire service.

*Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have! We will be adding to the FAQs in the future.

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