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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the seating capacity of the Cultural Centre?
Our maximum occupancy is:

  1. 580 people with tables and chairs (banquet-style seating)

  2. 735 people with just chairs (concert-style seating)

2. What are the dimensions of the Centre’s hall?
The hall itself is 79' wide (east-west measurement) by 68' 9" deep (north-south measurement). These measurements do not include the stage, foyer, or rest room areas.

3. What type of tables are available?
We have 32 round tables, 5' in diameter, that seat 8 people per table,
for a maximum of 260 people.
There are rectangular tables, 8' long and 2.5' wide, to be used for events that

exceed 260 guests.

4. Does the facility have stage equipment?
There is a large stage in the Cultural Centre that is 59' wide by 34' deep.

The facility has:
* A professional sound system, with wireless microphones.
* Blackout curtains on stage. Front main curtains are electronically
* Stage lighting is available for rent at a cost of $20/hour.
* LED ceiling mounted projector and large drop down screen are
  available for rent at $150 per day. Lap top computers easily hook
  into the system.

5. Are catering services available?
The Millennium Ladies are the on-site catering group and specialize in freshly made Ukrainian dishes. We are experienced in catering weddings, community events, conferences, and more.
Note: We do not rent out our kitchen facilities.

6. Do you have table linens for rent?
Not at this time.

7. Is the Centre wheelchair accessible?
Yes it is. There is an entrance on the north side of the front steps that is designed for those with mobility challenges.

8. Are there any regulations if we want to serve liquor?
Facility renters are responsible for adhering to all Provincial laws regarding liquor permits, bartender training, serving, and/or sales. In addition, any facility renter that obtains a liquor permit for use in the facility must purchase Party Alcohol Liability (PAL) Insurance.

9. Are candles allowed?
Open candle flames are not allowed; candles that are enclosed in glass globes are permitted.

*Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have! We will be adding to the FAQ's in the future.

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